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How do i send demo tracks to the label?

If you would like to send demo tracks for consideration, here’s some guidelines.

  • send all demos & web links to tracks via a message on Soundcloud.
  • Send a selection of 1-4 tracks, what you believe to be your best works.
  • We aim to check tunes every couple of weeks.

What kind of music is the label interested in?

We listen to a lot of different styles of music but not everything is suitable for release. To get a better idea, take listen to some of the music & artists across our website and relative artists & producers across the similar genre spectrum..

Should i get my music mastered before i send it?

You don’t have to master your demos before you send them to us (it quite probable we’ll take care of that ourselves if it something we’re interested in) however, if you want to try out this option for yourselves or want to know more about it, get in contact with Beau @ Ten Eight Seven Mastering. We like him ;-)

Thank you for listening to & supporting Connatural Music, stay in touch.

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